Friday, October 9, 2009

Deepwood Restaurant (Columbus, OH)

First off, I have to say that you know you are in good hands for the rest of the night when the server snaps a picture at the subject's eye level. Service for the entire evening was prompt and superb, though a bit too formal.

The food at Deepwood Restaurant (DR), on the other hand, was a-okay in my book, no more no less. It definitely did not reflect the $80 bill by any means. Utilizing an abundance of ingredients and making the most of blending as many different flavors possible, I was somewhat disappointed with some of the outcomes.Carb-loading on the bread basket was easy, as three types of bread were offered. My personal favorite was the cranberry walnut bread, although one could easily have made a meal out of the white bread with the red sea salt butter.

To start, the stench emanated from the Scallop Wellington appetizer was rather unpleasant. There may have been hints of foie gras in the presentation, but I certainly did not detect it. The robust savor of the scallops inside the crispy confines could potentially make this an enjoyable lead-in to dinner -- if you can overlook the smell.

For my main, the seared duck breast, corn bread pudding, arugula, and blueberry mostarda sounded too good to be true. Disappointingly enough, the complexity of flavors simply did not mesh. While the duck was delicious, as it was steeped in its natural jus, I didn't care for the rest of my dish.

My mom's fish du jour boasted a similar impressive-sounding interplay of tastes, but only the salmon proved to be the only noteworthy item on her plate.

To end our meal, we decided to split the house made donuts with coffee ice cream. Note to self, never order donuts at a restaurant unless they are served with dipping sauces of some sort. To me, these donuts were generic tasting. For all I know, they could have come straight from Krispy Kreme.

While I appreciated the attentive service and the warm, woody ambiance of DR, I thoroughly felt that the food aspect could use some slight improvements. Hearing the mix of certain items may titillate the ears, but sometimes they just don't settle well in the stomach afterwards. This restaurant is -- without a doubt -- culinary proof that opposites do NOT attract.

Rating: ***

511 N High St
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 221 - 5602

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