Friday, May 8, 2009

Wixey Bakery (Toledo, OH)

Wixey Bakery is one of those establishments that makes Toledo proud, and understandably so, given the expertly crafted sweets and cakes. This bakery has been around for a few decades so its popularity extends far beyond the confines of the 419. The smell emanating certainly penetrates beyond just Glendale Ave. Upon stepping inside, one can expect to be greeted by a cheery employee, or several, ready to take your order(s) in a blink of an eye. Newbies, like myself, or indecisive eaters, again like myself, typically will have to sheepishly ask for a few minutes to browse the offerings.

Dinner rolls, bread buns, and pies line one side of the wall, where seasonal pie offerings and specialty cakes can be found on the table placed in the middle of the bakery. Sweets such as donuts, cookies, cinnamon rolls, and eclairs can be found inside the pastry cases by the register. In addition to the numerous options, there is something else that Wixey Bakery is quite well-known for: its cakes. Whatever the occasion may be (e.g. birthdays, weddings, graduation, etc.), most Toledoans will undoubtedly claim that cake creations are of unparalleled quality.

Having purchased two birthday cakes in a year from Wixey now -- both for my parents on their respective birthdays -- I can honestly say that it lives up to hype. Fluffy and light, these cakes do not deliver the sugar comatose that comes with some birthday cakes from other bakeries. Passing the taste test without breaking the bank (as one might expect from a place that delivers such high-caliber quality) proves to be a 'winner' in my book!

It comes without saying that my trips to Wixey doesn't stop at just the birthday cakes. Often times, I find myself coming home with tempting seasonal favorites such as the pumpkin roll and the mini peanut butter cake. Other times, I will even make the trek out to the bakery for its pumpkin pie, which boasts quite the crust while maintaining the texture of pumpkin. Other sweets I have sampled thus far include the vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, cannolis, and the nut kolache. All has been delightful in their own ways.

I blame the wide variety of sweets and pastries that Wixey offers for my not having had the chance to try the donuts, fruit turnovers, and the like. One of these days, however, I will get my hands on those divine-looking, glazed, deep-fried wholesome goodnesses.

Rating: *****

Wixey Bakery
2017 Glendale Ave
Toledo, OH 43614

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